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I am an in-network provider for Anthem/Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, ComPsych, Harvard Pilgrim, Martin's Point, Optum, Tricare, and United Healthcare. This list could change, and sometimes I am in-network for an insurance that I am unaware of (as for example it is owned by one of these companies). It is best to call the Member Services phone number on your card to verify whether I am in your network or not. Here is a full list of questions you should ask when you call them. 

I can also support out-of-network services, should your insurance provider allow this, which a number of insurance plans do. A number of people worry about how to file the out-of-network insurance claim, but I will do this for you whenever possible. I have done this for clients who have out-of-network benefits with Aetna and others.

In all instances, you should contact your insurer to verify your behavioral health benefits, co-payment/co-insurance and deductible (if any) prior to scheduling your intake session.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) will often allow a limited number of therapy sessions, and again you should call to verify benefits and ensure that the EAP will support utilization of my services.

I do deliver therapy exclusively via teletherapy, which commercial insurance plans cover in New Hampshire. In the past Tricare (private insurance) has not covered teletherapy, but in other parts of the country this is changing. Please contact your insurance to make sure they do cover teletherapy, especially if it is private insurance or is an insurance sourced outside of New Hampshire.

I am licensed in Florida, Georgia, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Vermont, but predominantly see New Hampshire clients.

Full list of questions (Printable) to ask your insurance company (printable)

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Please be careful using email: I do use secure email, but generally it is not possible to provide complete security regarding email unless you use encryption when you send email. Do not share anything in email that you would regard as private information unless you use an encrypted attachment.