Insurance Information and Medication
        Medication Costs Help
        Good video on insurance

Confidence and Self-Esteem
        TED Talk: Amy Adkins - 3 Tips To Boost Your Confidence
        The School Of Life: Self-Compassion
        The School Of Life: How To Be A Friend To Yourself
        The School Of Life: Confidence
        The School Of Life: Not Liking One's Looks
        The School Of Life: On Feeling Ugly
        Brene Brown On Worthiness

Emotions and Stress Anxiety, Anger, Courage and More
        Why You Should Feel Your Feelings
        TED Talk: Elizabeth Gilbert - It's Okay To Feel Overwhelemd: Here's What To Do Next
        TED Talk: Susan David - How To Be Your Best Self In Times Of Crisis
        TED Talk: Liz Fosslien - How To Embrace Emotions At Work
        TED Talk: Lucy Hone - The Three Secrets Of Resilient People
        TED Talk: Ryan Martin - Why We Get Mad And Why It's Healthy
        TED Talk: Olivia Remes - How To Cope With Anxiety
        TED Talk: Ryan Martin - Why Some Anger Can Be Good For You
        TED Talk: Tiffany Watt Smith - The History Of Human Emotions
        TED Talk: Lisa Feldman Barrett - You Aren't At The Mercy Of Your Emotions: Your Brain Creates Them
        TED Talk: John Koenig - Beautiful New Words To Describe Obscure Emotions
        TED Talk: Ron Gutman - The Hidden Power Of Smiling
        Happify: How To Calm Your Worries And Sleep Better
        "Brene Brown On Attending To Fears And Feelings
        Self and Stress Management Educational Video
        TED Talk: Kelly Mcgonigal - How To Make Stress Your Friend

Happiness, Positive Thinking, Vulnerability, Shame and Blame
     - (yup there's connections here)

        TED Talk: Elizabeth Dunn - Helping Others Makes Us Happier, But It Matters How We Do It
        TED Talk: Mike Robbins - The Power Of Appreciation
        TED Talk: AJ Jacobs - My Journey To Thank All The People Responsible For My Morning Coffee
        TED Talk: Stephen Trzeciak - Want A Happier Life? Be More Compassionate
        TED Talk: Ingried Fetell Lee - Where Joy Hides And How To Find It
        TED Talk: David Steindl Rast - Want To Be Happy? Be Grateful
        TED Talk: Pico Iyer - Where Is Home
        TED Talk: Stefan Sagmeister - 7 Rules For Making More Happiness
        TED Talk: Neil Pasricha - The 3 A's Of Awesome
        TED Talk: Don Norman - 3 Ways Good Design Makes You Happy
        TED Talk: Matthieu Ricard - The Habits Of Happiness
        TED Talk: Philip Zimbardo - The Psychology Of Time
        TED Talk: Alison Legerwood - A Simple Trick To Improve Positive Thinking
        Happify: How To Defeat Negative Thinking
        The School Of Life: Overcoming Bad Inner Voices
        TED Talk: Brene Brown - The Power Of Vulnerability
        Brene Brown On Vulnerability
        Brene Brown On Embracing Vulnerability
        Brene Brown On The Biggest Myth About Vulnerability
        TED Talk: Brene Brown - Listening To Shame
        Brene Brown On Blame

Focus, Procrastination and Motivation
        Learning to Love Studying - Motivation Enhancer
        Make Your Bed - William McRaven
        The Wisdom Of A Third Grade Dropout Will Change Your Life - Rick Rigsby
        TED Talk: Leticia Gasca - Don't Fail Fast, Fail Mindfully
        The School Of Life: Procrastination
        TED Talk: Laura Fox - Don't Shy Away From Ignorance, Use It To Better Yourself
        TED Talk: David Asch - Why It Is So Hard To Make Healthy Decisions
        TED Talk: Sabine Doebel - How Your Brain's Executive Function Works And How To Improve It
        James Clear - How to be More Productive and Eliminate Time Wasting Using the "Eisenhower Box"

        The School Of Life: Friendship & Vulnerability
        The School Of Life: The Purpose Of Friendship
        Brene Brown On Empathy
        TED Talk: Sophie Andrews - The Best Way To Help Is Often Just To Listen
        TED Talk: Bill Bernat - How To Connect With Depressed Friends

Mental Health and Psychology
        Dr Russell Barkley: ADHD Intention Deficit Disorder
        How to Explain ADHD
        Selective Attention Test for Fun
        Ever Wonder What It Was Like to Have Dementia?
        TED Talk: Johann Hari - This Could Be Why You're Depressed Or Anxious
        TED Talk: How I Live With High Functioning Anxiety
        TED Talk: Olivia Remes - How To Cope With Anxiety
        TED Talk: Noa Kageyama And Pen Pen Chen - How To Stay Calm Under Pressure
        TED Talk: Sophie Andrews - The Best Way To Help Is Often Just To Listen
        TED Talk: Helen M. Farrell - What Is Bipolar Disorder?
        TED Talk: Helen M. Farrell - What Is Depression?
        TED Talk: Anees Bahji - What Is Schizophrenia?
        TED Talk: Daniel Levitin - How To Stay Calm When You Know You'll Be Stressed
        TED Talk: Dr. Natascha M. Santos - Debunking The Myth Of OCD
        TED Talk: Guy Winch - Why We All Need To Practice Emotional First Aid
        TED Talk: Jeff Iliff - One More Reason To Get A Good Night's Sleep
        TED Talk: Courtney Stephens - A Brief History Of Melancholy
        TED Talk: Andrew Solomon - Depression: The Secret We Share
        TED Talk: Kevin Breel - Confessions Of A Depressed Comic
        TED Talk: Eleanor Longden - The Voices In My Head
        TED Talk: Thomas Insel - Toward A New Understanding Of Mental Illness
        TED Talk: Ruby Wax - What's So Funny About Mental Illness
        TED Talk: Ben Ambridge - 9 Myths About Psychology Debunked
        Baby Emerson
        Freeze Response

        TED Talk: Andy Puddicombe - All It Takes Is 10 Mindful Minutes
        TED Talk: Pico Iyer - The Art Of Stillness
        TED Talk: Matt Killingsworth - Want To Stay Happier? Stay In The Moment

        Baby Community
        TED Talk: James Brindle - The nightmare videos of childrens' YouTube ó and what's wrong with the internet today
        Parenting With Love and Logic: Teaching Children Responsibility Book, by Foster W. Cline and Jim Fay
        Love and Logic Website
        TED Talk: Colin Powell - Kids Need Structure
        TED Talk: Kang Lee - Can You Really Tell If A Kid Is Lying
        TED Talk: Sonia Livingstone - Parenting In The Digital Age
        TED Talk: Sara Valencia Botto - When Do Kids Start To Care About Other People's Opinions
        TED Talk: Olympia Della Flora - Creative Ways To Get Kids To Thrive In School
        TED Talk: Caroline Paul - To Raise Brave Girls, Encourage Adventure
        TED Talk: Rita Pierson - Every Kid Needs A Champion
        NYT: Lisa Damour - Why Teenagers Reject Parents' Solutions to Their Problems

Perfectionism, Success and Failure
        The Downsides of Perfectionism
        TED Talk: Valorie Kondos Field - Why Winning Doesn't Always Equal Success
        TED Talk: Kathryn Sculz - On Being Wrong
        TED Talk: Jon Bowers - We Should Aim For Perfection And Stop Fearing Failure
        TED Talk: Jia Jiang - What I Learned From 100 Days Of Rejection
        TED Talk: Elizabeth Gilbert - Success, Failure, And The Drive To Keep Creating
        TED Talk: Kathryn Schulz - Don't Regret Regret
        TED Talk: Larry Smith - Why You Will Fail To Have A Great Career
        TED Talk: Sarah Lewis - Embrace The Near Win
        TED Talk: Raphael Rose - How Failure Cultivates Resilience
        The School Of Life: Success At School vs. Success In Life
        The School Of Life: What Is 'Success'?
        The School Of Life: The Problem With Perfectionism
        The School Of Life: The Perfectionist Trap
        TED Talk: John Doerr - Why The Secret To Success Is Setting The Right Goals
        TED Talk: Mel Robbins - How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over
        TED Talk: Luvvie Ajayi - Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

        Gottman: Making Relationships Work Part 1
        Gottman: Making Relationships Work Part 2
        Gottman: Making Relationships Work Part 3
        Gottman: Making Relationships Work Part 4
        Two Examples each of the Four Horseman
        I'm Triggered: Neuroscience - Recovering from a fight
        Breaking the Pursue-Withdraw Pattern: An Interview with Scott R. Woolley, Ph.D.
        TED Talk: Emily Nagoski: Sustaining Sexual Connection
        Relationship Podcast with Deb and Naomi
        TED Talk: Sophie Andrews - The Best Way To Help Is Often Just To Listen
        Is Creative Incompetence affecting your relationship?

         TED Talk: Frances Frei - How To Build And Rebuild Trust
         TED Talk: Onora O'Neill - What We Don't Understand About Trust
         The School Of Life: How To Forgive

Vitamin D and Depression
Note: Vitamin D deficiency can contribute to or exacerbate depression, however too much Vitamin D can be toxic. Consult your doctor or naturopath.
        Vitamin D and Depression - Psychology Today
        Vitamin D and Seasonal Affectivness Disorder

        Video about OCD: Differentiates Thought vs Intention
        Video about Harm OCD (Others and Self)
        Quick Article about OCD
        Imaginal Exposures in OCD: Scripts
        Suicidal OCD

Autism/Asperger's (TED Talks)
        Ethan Lisi - What It Is Really Like To Have Autism
        Rosie King - How Autism Freed Me To Be Myself
        Carina Morillo - To Understand Autism, Don't Look Away
        Wendy Chung - Autism: What We Know And What We Don't Know
        Alix Generous - How I Learned To Communicate My Inner Life With Asperger's
        Wrong Planet: web community designed for individuals with Autism, Aspergerís Syndrome, ADHD, PDDs, and other neurological differences, and those in their sphere.

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