Confidentiality is the basis of therapy

If I think it could be beneficial to your therapy, I will ask you for a written release to speak to anyone outside of our therapy sessions. Only under very specific circumstances, as defined by law, might our strict confidential relationship need to be broken. These circumstances will be reviewed prior to beginning therapy and are documented in the Consent for Services agreement.

Though you may be participating in couple and/or family therapy, your confidentiality as an individual (as well as a couple or family) is still guarded. If I think it is important to the therapy, there may be a time in therapy when I will ask you to make a disclosure of something you have previously kept secret.

As a parent of a child in therapy, you have the right to information concerning your minor child except as provided by law. However, therapy for a minor can be greatly facilitated by allowing the child to have a large amount of confidentiality with a therapist.

See Forms and Notices for more information regarding privacy.

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Please be careful using email: I do use secure email, but generally it is not possible to provide complete security regarding email unless you use encryption when you send email. Do not share anything in email that you would regard as private information unless you use an encrypted attachment.