Because of recent advances in communication technology, the field of teletherapy has evolved. It has allowed individuals to use electronic means to receive services who may not have local access, or the availability of travel time, or have other limitations that would otherwise prevent them from seeing a mental health professional and allows therapists to deliver these services. An important part of therapy is sitting face to face with an individual, where non-verbal communication (body signals) are readily available to both therapist and client. Current research suggests that teletherapy is at least as effective as in-person therapy. Many clients have stated they like teletherapy better than in-person therapy, while there are occasionally some who find teletherapy to not be as good a fit.

In general, teletherapy is greatly improved when you have confidence that you truly have confidentialtiy. I am very careful to select teletherapy platforms that do not require you to sign in, and ideally to not have to install any app on your devices/computers. I also am selective of teletherapy platforms that do not allow for recordings. Both you and I are responsible to create a safe space in each of our locations, where we cannot be overheard by others. I recommend wearing headphones and using some sort of white noise generator (a fan, an app, a sleeping aid which generates white noise) to increase your confidence around confidentiality. Some clients use their phones and headphones and sit in their cars, due to busy households (please do not drive during therapy however.)

I have been doing teletherapy for over five years, and have recently helped many clinicians transition to teletherapy. I am very comfortable doing teletherapy and very much enjoy working with clients using teletherapy. You do not have to be a techno-weenie to do teletherapy! It is very easy to engage (see below - go ahead and click on the link!) and to sign consent forms via an email link to a HIPAA compliant cloud site.

If you are unsure if teletherapy is a fit for you, we can hold a 10 minute video conference by to help you assess whether teletherapy is right for you, before deciding to do therapy with me. Just call me at (603)387-1523 to setup a time to do this.

In New Hampshire, all commercial insurers (Anthem/BCBS, Cigna, Tufts, etc.) cover teletherapy, as long as there is a video component (ie. not telephone only or messaging based therapy.) If you are unsure if teletherapy is covered, please call your insurance provider.

Click here to enter the teletherapy waiting room. Please put only your first name, when it asks for your name. Try to close down all running apps, and make sure your internet connection is strong. It is a good idea to go before your session and make sure there are no issues with your connection.

See the picture below, which points to the lock you will use to unlock your camera and microphone for teletherapy's use. The teletherapy platform uses encryption and is HIPAA compliant to preserve your confidentiality.

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Please be careful using email: I do use secure email, but generally it is not possible to provide complete security regarding email unless you use encryption when you send email. Do not share anything in email that you would regard as private information unless you use an encrypted attachment.